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Basic Information

Soldiers wear the highest defense armors, has increase defense/HP passive skills and the ability to wield shields making them the tank of Rose Online.

The Soldier class uses either a One-hand Sword , Two-hand Sword, One-hand Blunt Weapon, Bow gun, Two-hand Axe or a Spear. They can also wield a Shield when they are not wearing two hand weapons.

At level 70, Soldiers can advance to a Champion or Knight.

How to Become a Soldier

  1. Get to level 10 and go to Canyon City of Zant
  2. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren
  3. Talk to Leonard who will ask you to hunt HoneyBees
  4. When you're done return to Leonard who will ask you to kill Elder Pumpkin
  5. Return to Leonard and he will give you your recommendation
  6. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren and you are now a Congratulations!


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Weapon Mastery By using near attack weapon you can raise your attack power Passive 1300
Harden Body By hardening your body you can raise your Max HP Passive 1300
Armor Mastery Through Armor Mastery, you can decrease damage of an enemy's attack. You can have your defense power up Passive 1300
Crossbow Mastery Increase Crossbow Damage. Only Knights can upgrade this Skill Passive 10750
Mental Mastery Increase maximum MP amount Passive 6,600
Quick Step

Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Spin Attack Enable its user to spin and attack at the same time when equipping a Two-Handed Weapon.Also does splashed damage to nearby ennemies Offensive 18550
Blood Attack Special attack in which its user regains an amount of HP calculated by the amount of damage inflicted on a nearby enemy. Only Champions can upgrade this skill above Level 6. Offensive 8550
Divine Force Cast a burst of energy that lowers the enemy's magic resistance Offensive 6600
Shield Barrier Increase Magic Resistance of the caster and party members for the skill's duration. Requires a Shield Self Buff 8550
Endure Increase Defense while decreasing the caster's Movement Speed for skill's duration. Self Buff
Berserk Self Buff
Heavy Attack Bash a target with crushing force while using Melee Weapon Offensive
Double Attack (Soldier) Offensive 1
Leap Attack Offensive
Range Shot Offensive 13200
Slow Shot Offensive
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