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Basic Information

Muse are the magic users, with magic attacks, heals and buffs. Muse can specialise in two different styles: magic attack user that will eventually become a Magician or healer/buffer that will become a Cleric.

The Muse class uses either a Magic Tool or a Magic Staff as their primary weapon. Magic Tool is a one hand weapon which will allow a muse to wield a Shield on the other hand.

At level 70, Muses can advance to a Magician or Cleric.

How to Become a Muse

  1. Get to level 10 and go to Canyon City of Zant
  2. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren
  3. Talk to Tryteh who needs you to collect 20 Flanae seeds
    1. You can find Flanae in Adventurer's Plains
  4. Return to Tryteh and she will ask you to find 5 pumpkin seeds
    1. You can find pumpkin seeds from Big Pumpkin in the Valley of Luxem Tower
  5. Return to Tryteh and she will give you your recommendation
  6. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren and you are now a Congratulations!


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Meditation Increase maximum MP and MP Recovery Rate. Passive 1,300
Spell Mastery Reduce MP consumption of skills by a certain percentage. Passive 1,300
Staff Mastery Increase Magic Weapon damage. Passive 1,300
Summon Mastery Enables its caster to summon more monsters at same time. Passive 10,750

Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Mana Bolt Shoot a Mana Bolt at a target from a distance. Magic Attack 1,300
Staff Stun Enable its caster to spin widly on a spot to inflict damage on a target. Offensive 6600
Wind Storm Summon a storm to do enormous damage onto enemies near the caster. Regional Magic Damage 18850
Phantom Sword Summon a magic sword to attack a target from a distance. Summoning Magic 10750
Ice Bolt Shoot an ice bolt at a target. Magic Attack 2250
Fire Ring Decrease the Defense of a target. Debuff 4900
Power Support Increase Attack Power of a target for skill's duration. Buff 6600
Hit Support Increase target's Attack Accuracy for skill's duration. Buff 13200
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