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Basic Information

Dealers are like money makers/item crafters. Dealers have the ability to increase drop rate of monsters they kill, decrease cost of items bought from a NPC and also craft many equipments and items.

The Dealer class uses either a Gun or a Launcher as their primary weapons.

At level 70, Dealers can advance to a Bourgeois or Artisan.

How to Become a Dealer

  1. Get to level 10 and go to Canyon City of Zant
  2. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren
  3. Go to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow who will ask you to find fleece and small metal boards
    1. Talk to Lampa to get the fleece
    2. Talk to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Seyon in Adventurer's Plains to get the small metal boards
  4. Return to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow who will now ask you to kill 15 Needle HoneyBee
    1. you can find them easily outside the south gate of Canyon City of Zant or in the Valley of Luxem Tower
  5. Return to (Ferrell Guild Staff) Crow after finding 15 stingers and he will give you a recommendation
  6. Talk to (Akram Kingdom Minister) Warren and you are now a Congratulations!


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Pack Mastery Increase the number of items which can be carried inside a Bagpack Passive 2250
Stockpile Increase the chance of obtaining items from monsters Passive 6600
Craft Mastery Learn the essentials of crafting.increase Maximum MP Passive 3450
Weapon Research Allows its user to learn weapon crafting skills.Increase Concentration. Passive 3450
Marksmanship Increase Gun and Launcher damage. Passive 1300
Arms Mastery Refine combat techniques with a Gun.Increase Attack Speed when wielding a Gun or Launcher Passive 3450
Market Research Study Economy.Increase Charm by 2 each time the level of the skill is increased. Passive 1300
Armor Research Refine your fundamental armor crafting skills. Increase Defense. Passive 6600
Discount Enable its user to purchase items from NPC shops for less Zulie than the original price Passive 3450
Employ Troops Increase Maximum Summon Gauge Passive 10750

Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Employ Warrior Summon a melee attack warrior by spending Zuly. Summoning Magic 10750
Subitem Craft Craft Shields, Bags, Back Euiqpments, Wings etc Crafting 3450
Sword Craft Create One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons Crafting 4900
Mace Craft Create Axes, Spears, Katars or One-Handed Maces Crafting 4900
Bow Craft Create Bows or Crossbows Crafting 4900
Magic Weapon Craft Create Magic Weapons such as Staffs or Wands Crafting 4900
Gun Craft Create Guns or Launchers Crafting 4900
Normal Armor Craft Create normal Clothing, Hats, Gloves, Shoes and Masks Crafting 8550
Combat Armor Craft Create Armors,Helms,Gauntlets and Boots Crafting 8550
Magic Armor Craft Create Magic Clothing, Hats, Gloves and Boots Crafting 8550
Item Disassembly Detach a gem from an item, or take an item apart in order to obtain its materials Crafting 15900
Power Gun Shot Increase Gun and Launcher weapon damage Offensive 1300
Twin Shot Shoot 2 bullets at a target in a single attack Offensive 3450
Gun Smash Hit a nearby target with the barrel of your gun Offensive 6600
Poison Fang Shoot a poisonous bullet at a target to inflict damage and Poison status.Ennemies near the target will also poisoned at the same time. Offensive 10750
Union Weapon Increase the caster's Attack Speed for skill's duration Self Buff 4900
Zuly Pink Throw a coin at a target to cause damage from a distance Offensive 15900
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