Resume Soldiers can advance to Champions through ceaseless self-training in the art of offensive combat. Champions can deal with many foes at a time with their powerful attack strength.
Characteristics Champions usually equip lightweight armor made out of leather, or leather reinforced with metal. They can also equip armor made of bone or turtle shells.
Weapons Champions generally uses giant heavy weapons such as Two Handed Axes, Two Handed Maces, Spears, Two Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons.
Battle Strategy Champions are ideal for fighting a large number of foes at one time with their powerful attack strength. However, since they are not as defensive as the Knight class, it may be difficult for them to battle stronger enemies. In a party, a Champion can support a Knight from behind by damaging enemies while the Knight defends the Champion from attacks.
Main Skills Champions specialize in skills which increase attack strength and inflict great damage, but they also have access to abilities that can increase their attack accuracy or confuse enemies.

Skills Edit

New Skills Edit

Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Champion Hit Enables its caster to leap high into the air and strike the top of the ennemy's skull Offensive 37350
Space Attack Shoot a spirit sphere at an enneme from a distance Offensive (ranged, single target) 46500
Two-Hand Mastery Increase Two-Handed Weapon damage Passive 29200
Twist Attack Enables its user to spin and attack at the same time when equipping a Two-Handed Weapon.Also does splashed damage on nearby ennemies. Offensive (AoE) 22050
Triple Attack (Knight-Champion) When you level up Double Attack to lvl 11, it becomes the powerful Triple Attack lvl 11. Offensive

Upgraded Skills Edit

Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Blood Attack Special attack in which its user regains an amount of HP calculated by the amount of damage inflicted on a nearby enemy. Only Champions can upgrade this skill above Level 6. Active 8550
Quick Step Passive
Berserk Offensive